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Aluminum Wire Home Hazard

Virginia Beach Electrical Wiring Solution

Aluminum Wiring Replacement

If you live in a home built between 1965 and 1973 chances are high that you have aluminum wiring.

Aluminum wiring is thought to be a fire hazard nowadays. It’s really not the aluminum wiring itself that is a hazard. It’s where the wire connects to the device like an outlet, switch, circuit breaker or electrical fixture that presents the hazard.

Aluminum wire will shrink and expand quite a bit with the temperature changes. This causes connections to loosen over time. The loose connections can result in overheating or sparks which can lead to a fire.

A licensed electrician like Hampton Roads Electric can help you transition from aluminum to copper wire throughout your home at each device where it matters most.

You can either completely re-wire your home or you can have a licensed electrician do what is called pig-tailing to every electrical outlet, switch and electrical fixture in your home.

When looking for Aluminum Wiring Replacement consider Hampton Roads Electric and call
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